The Wolfpack

THE ALBERTA WOLFPACK, was founded in 1994  by our founder, Dr. Robert Hetherington.  His vision was to hand pick, or scout the best players in all of Alberta to form an all-star team to compete against the best in all of North America.  These are tournament traveling teams and are specific to year of birth.


The Alberta Wolfpack relies on sponsorship and fundraising to help make the spring fees more affordable. At our peak we had 21 teams based out of Whitecourt, Edmonton, and Calgary. 


As one of the original spring organizations we have had much success in winning tournaments all over North America and plan on expanding each year. 


We have had many players from the Wolfpack organization move on to have very successful careers at very high levels of hockey.  Including: Junior A, ACAC, NCAA, Various European leagues, WHL, AHL, and even a few to the NHL.


Our goal is to develop our hockey players and offer them a unique experience to compete at the highest level possible, but yet be feasible for the average family.


OBJECTIVES: The ALBERTA WOLFPACK has three major objectives: (1) promote sports among youths, (2) create research programs to assess youth sports programs, and (3) create educational programs to improve youth sports technical ability and performance.


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